Greece rebukes outrageous Turkish military and historical threats


Greece rebuked the continuing aggressive rhetoric and threats emanating from Turkey and include 'reminders' to Greeks over the 1922 Asia Minor catastrophe, with the Turkish President going as far as saying the Turkish forces can invade Greece overnight.

"Greece will not join Turkey in the slide containing outrageous and beyond-all-limits remarks and threats, taking place on a daily basis.

"We will immediately inform our allies and partners regarding the content of the provocative statements of the last few days, in order to make clear who is undermining our alliance’s cohesion at a particularly dangerous juncture" the Greek Foreign Ministry said in an announcement regarding Turkish officials recent remarks.
"At the same time, we will continue to serve as a pillar of stability and security for the wider region, on the basis of the rules of International Law and the International Law of the Sea" the ministry said in the same announcement.