Reasons to visit Greece in September

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There is no denying summer is a beautiful time to be in Greece and there is nothing like spending August 15th in any part of the country. However, if you aren’t able to get there in the peak of summer or not a fan of the heat and crowds- there is no reason you can’t enjoy Greece just as much, if not more so in September.

 Greece in September
Greece in September

Why visit Greece in September? Well besides the country’s extra-clean award-winning beaches and waters, the great weather and better airfare and accommodation prices- there is so much more this nation has to offer and with a new initiative titled 'September in Greece'- now is the time to get there.

The new project is designed by Destsetters and focuses on extending the Greek tourism period for the month of September. Dedicated to presenting all the reasons why this is a great month to plan a holiday in Greece, it gives travellers the opportunity to book hotels that matches their style, without additional charges for participating hotels or their guests.

Here is 'September in Greece’s' top 10 reasons as to why you should visit this beautiful country this month and we also give you a list of our pick of places to see while you are there.

Top 10 reasons to get there now →

  1. The perfect weather: Still warm, but not so hot!
  2. The lower prices: Get lower prices, even at the most luxurious hotels.
  3. Always find a sunbed: Beaches are not so crowded.
  4. No more queues: Archaeological sites & museums have less visitors.
  5. Upgraded service: Fewer guests lead to more personalised service.
  6. Cheaper air tickets: Reach Greece at a much lower cost.
  7. Warm waters: The sea is more clean and the waters are pleasantly warm.
  8. Take better pictures: The sky is clearer so you can capture the best photos.
  9. Eat as much as you want: Summer is ending, so don't hold back your appetite!
  10. Power-up for winter: Taking a holiday in September, will fill your batteries for the upcoming winter.

Greek City Times top spots to visit in Greece this month (in no particular order) →

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♦ Athens

There is nothing like spending time in the Greek capital during the month of September- not only due to the vibrant city centre, concerts and theatres at the ancient foot of the Parthenon but also because most of the locals are back from their summer vacation- relaxed, refreshed and ready for Autumn.

Now is the time to enjoy all the city’s great eateries, bars, nightlife, shopping and ancient monuments. From the Athenian Riveria to Monastiraki, Kifisia, Glyfada and Gazi- there are so many cool suburbs where you can spend hours exploring fabulous food, museums, art, music, parks and historical sites.

If the weather is warm you can head to the beaches around Glyfada or take a day trip to Hydra, Poros, Spetses or Aegina.

♦ Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is a definite 'September in Greece' destination thanks to its many festivals and cultural events that take place over this period- plus the annual Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) is on between September 10-18.

Apart from all the extra activities taking place, let’s not forget the wide array of historical monuments of Macedonia, the chic boutiques, buzzing cafes and bars, plus the delicious food scene which includes irresistible trigona, and “bougatsa” and if you are after a shot of some locally distilled spirits- definitely try the “ouzo” and tsipouromade in the Northern region of Greece.

Also nearby is the beautiful town of Veria and if you want to swim, make sure to visit Halkidiki, which has some wonderful beaches and is only an hour and a bit drive from Thessaloniki airport.

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♦ Peloponesse

The Peloponnese is slowly being discovered amongst holiday makers, that is because some of the most rewarding parts of Greece are to be found on the mainland and this region has so much to offer. Separated from the main body of the country by the Corinth Canal for 100 years- it is the heart of ancient Greece and the birthplace of the Olympic Games. One of the greatest drawing cards of this area is the rich layers of history- boasting some of the most marvelous monuments of the Byzantine Empire. Visiting off-season allows you to see the sights without the crowds.

On the list of places to see are ancient Olympia, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Byzantine churches, unique settlements and amazing castles. Natural beauties include mountains, forests, caves and rivers all surrounded by sea.

Nafplion and Monemvasia are two of the most exquisite towns in the Peloponnese with a scenic landscape and magical vibe that must be seen to be believed.

On warm days make sure you head to Koroni, Methoni, Finikounda or Elafonisos- which are surrounded by the most splendid beaches.


♦ Crete

You can easily lose yourself on the island of Crete any time of the year- as it’s filled with rich history, culture, gastronomy and local traditions.

From churches including Agios Georgios Galatas and Panagia Kaliviani to the historical sites of Agia Triada and the Heraklion Archeological Museum- where most of Crete’s Minoan treasures are found- there is so much to see and do. Wonder through the back streets of the old town in Chania and enjoy the stunning buildings and alleyways that are filled with so much history.

The Cretan diet is famous for its simple ingredients including olive oil, yoghurt, Greek Mizithra and different types of pastries. Dakosis a very popular Cretan mezedaki that consists of a barley rusk garnished with chopped tomatoes, olive oil, crumbled feta, and sprinkled with oregano. Delicious Cretan dishes include kaltsounia (small pies filled with cheese or herb), staka (a local salty creamy-cheese), boureki (a local recipe with cheese, vegetables and mint), and the traditional kreatopita (meat-pie).

Also try visit Chania Markets, which is one of the most popular daily food markets in Greece and located in the heart of the town- it has been operating since 1913. It's an indoor market located inside a marvellous building that features 76 shops and cafes. Popular local delicacies that are great to take home include Cretan honey, olive oil and raki. You should also check out the Cretan vineyards that produce highly commendable wines.

This stunning island is also known as having some of the most stunning beaches, so on the warmer days you will not be disappointed.

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♦ Rhodes

This beautiful Greek island is a favourite with artists, film makers and writers, thanks to its stunning ancient towns and stretches of deserted coastline- it really is amazing to visit any time of the year.

On your list of places to see should be Agios Nikolaos Foundoukli- a Byzantine mountain chapel, with its old Italian governor's residence and the Monastery of Metamorfossi at Asklipio.

Make sure to also check out Kamiros and Lachania- featuring both archeological and ecological sites and stop off at popular Lindos town, which is filled with beautiful traditional architecture and village mansions built by merchant ship owners in the 17th and 18th centuries.

One of the most popular tourist attractions to Rhodes is Petaloudes where visitors flock to see butterflies covering every tree in the area and let’s not forget the Old Town, which is divided into two parts and boasts breathtakingly beautiful cobbled lanes and streets that are filled with a variety of history, culture, gardens, taverns, bars and shops.

And for those who are spiritual make sure to visit Panagia Tsambika- a tiny, cliff-top monastery, which has a holy icon of Panagia Tsambika- known for her many miracles and the walk up to the church gives you a superb view of the south-west coast of the island.

If you are looking for somewhere to swim, some of Rhodes best beaches include Kallithea, St Paul's at Lindos, Anthony Quinn and Tsambika.

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