Erdoğan’s new threats against Greece: “We may suddenly come one night”

recep tayyip erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made new provocative statements against Greece on Tuesday afternoon, a few hours after his threats that "we may come suddenly one night".

The Turkish president, who is in Bosnia and Herzegovina, repeated during a joint press conference the previous statements that Ankara will do what is necessary in case Greece's "lawless threats" continue.

"They have islands, they have bases on those islands, and if they continue their illegal threats, our patience will run out," Erdoğan said. "What I'm telling you is not fantasy. When we say we might come one night, when the time comes, we will come.”

On Tuesday morning, the Turkish president, despite the condemnations for the provocative statements made in the last few days, continued in the rhythm of threats against Greece.

Specifically, Erdoğan once again used the phrase "we may come suddenly one night", rhetoric from 1974 that refers to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

At the same time, he claimed that "Greece is taking its measures", probably referring to the increased armaments of the Greek armed forces.

"Greece will decide what kind of relationship it will have with Turkey by thinking better. I always say that we may suddenly come one night," said Erdoğan.

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