300,000 jobs created since New Democracy government, Dimas says

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The best social policy is the creation of well-paid new jobs, Deputy Minister of Development and Investments, responsible for Research and Innovation, Christos Dimas, said on Thursday speaking at an event on "Reskilling: Professions of the future and reducing unemployment" organised in Thessaloniki City Hall.

As Dimas pointed out, 300,000 jobs have been created over the last three years, while unemployment, despite the coronavirus, decreased by 5.9% and fell to a 12-year low.

The deputy minister noted that the government focuses on attracting investments, especially in the field of research and innovation, by increasing, among other things, the excess depreciation of related expenses from 130% to 200%.

Regarding startups, Dimas underlined that the government, for the first time, registered them on the Elevate Greece digital platform, while creating important tax incentives to attract "investment angels" and to acquire stock options for employees.

Finally, he mentioned that the government is funding the National Research and Technological Development Centre (EKETA) with 35 million euros to build the new Institute and the Thess INTEC Innovation Centre with the same amount.