David Schwimmer mocks Jennifer Aniston and evokes memories of Friends to fans

Ross and Rachel Friends David Schwimmer Jennifer Aniston

"Ross and Rachel" evoked memories of Friends after David Schwimmer mocked a photo uploaded by Jennifer Aniston on her social media.

The two actors, who played the couple in the TV series Friends, proved that they still maintain a very beautiful relationship and caused great joy to their fans with the teasing between them.

It all started on September 4 when Aniston posted a photo of herself in the shower on Instagram to promote the products of the beauty line she runs, in which she can be seen enjoying her bath. The caption read: "Something’s coming 🚿 9.8.22/"


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Wanting to tease his colleague, Schwimmer posted a photo showing himself in the shower, only in his case, he does not look as peaceful as Jennifer.

In his own caption, he tagged Aniston and wrote, in response to her: "a towel I hope??"


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Of course, the actress did not leave the trolling unanswered and commented under his post: "Schwim!? Trying to steal my thunder!? 🤨❤️".

Naturally, their fans gave them millions of hearts on Instagram, while commenting on how well the two match.

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