Dr Jordan Peterson launches Greek focused Masters programme on the island of Samos

Dr Jordan Peterson, one of the most celebrated and inspiring teachers in the world has been appointed Chancellor at Ralston College and has launched the first term of their new Master's programme in the Humanities on the beautiful Greek island of Samos.

According to Ralston College:

"The Greek language and the spirit of Hellenism are the threads which run through the humanities in all of their disparate forms in each epoch of their expression. For centuries, the ability to access the foundational texts of the Western tradition without translators, commentators, or other intermediaries has been a nearly universal prerequisite for the meaningful encounter with—and entry into—its cultural inheritance.

"For this reason, our program begins with an intensive language residency in Greece. An innovative pedagogical module that approaches every form of the Greek language simultaneously and which moves fluidly between different forms of language acquisition will enable the study of Greek texts in subsequent terms. Undertaking this ambitious project in Greece itself will not only allow for complete linguistic immersion but also for excursions to some of the major cultural centers of the Hellenic world."

Whilst in Samos for the purposes of setting up the programme, Dr Peterson took the opportunity to record a video response to his Twitter suspension due to a social-media 'sin' he allegedly committed.
On June 22, 2022, Dr Jordan B Peterson posted a tweet over trans actor Elliot Page. Within hours, his account was banned. On July 1, the video “Twitter Ban” goes live on Peterson’s channel, where he breaks down and analyzes the incident. Weeks pass, but no answers emerge from Twitter: no reinstatements or explanations.
Now, Dr Jordan B Peterson recorded his message for Parag Agrawal, CEO of Twitter.

"Dear Mr Agrawal, I wrote this when it was literally two in the morning during my recent visit to beautiful Samos,  Greece where I was on business attending to my efforts on the educational front." begins Dr Peterson.

"I woke up suddenly from my slumbers with you and your company on my mind in my jet-lagged state unable to drowse further and so i sat there writing instead of sleeping." he continues.

Dr Peterson is a tireless defender of free thought, free speech, and conscientious action; and a passionate advocate of the true and beautiful things that those free acts can attain. A brilliant interpreter of Western culture and a mentor to the millions of students whom the modern university has betrayed, Dr Peterson understands the transformative power of human civilization and the unique nourishment that its cultural treasures afford. 

Dr Peterson has been an eloquent advocate for and a fearless champion of the ideals that have, for centuries, been central to the enterprise of university education.  

[Source: Ralston College]