Giannis Antetokounmpo: “I’d be a footballer if I didn’t play basketball” - He was honoured in San Siro (VIDEO)

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Players of the Greek national basketball team went to the San Siro to watch the match between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich for the Champions League groups stage, and at half time Giannis Antentokounmpo and his brothers Thanasis and Kostas made themselves known.

The Nerazzurri uploaded a video of their three new "fans" on social media, with the Greek Freak shouting "Forza".

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After the end of the match, Giannis was thrilled by what he experienced at San Siro. He went down to the playing field and uploaded a video on Instagram of him frolicking with the ball, playing with his teammates and declaring that if he wasn't a basketball player he would definitely be a footballer.

Giannis Antetokounmpo with 41 points against Ukraine entered the Top12 of single-game all-time Eurobasket scoring performances leaving Pau Gasol in 13th place (40 p.). It was the first performance of 41+ points in a Eurobasket tournament since 2001 when Dirk Nowitzki had scored 43 points against Spain.

It was the third best performance from a Greek player in a Eurobasket after Nick Galis (46) and Giorgos Kolokithas (43).

As Giannis explained simply, it was art.

When he was asked to rate his performance, he got the chance to explain how he feels about any basketball game, especially when he is playing for the Greek national team: “I try not to rate my performance. I just try to go there and have fun as much as possible and try to create art. What I mean is that every game is a different game. Every time I step on the floor, it’s a new experience for me, that I can remember, but I will say this: I think this is one of the years that I feel I am very, very excited to go out on the floor and play with my teammates. I don’t know if that’s because we haven’t played for a long time ago since 2019. I don’t if it’s coach Itoudis and the way he motivates me, or just being out there playing with my teammates, but that’s all. I can say I am excited to get on the court every chance, every time with my teammates and the coaching staff we have”.

The fact that this happened in front of his teammate from the Bucks Khris Middleton, owner Marc Lasry, and GM John Horst who traveled to Italy and attended the game, was just a footnote. As Giannis said: “I saw the Bucks people once and then I zoned out and tried to focus on the game. It was a game for us to good build habits”.

Giannis and Greece have already secured the top spot of their group with a perfect 4-0 record, they are going to the second phase and they are aiming high.

But as the Greek Freak explained, nothing is a given and he knows that very well from his past experience with the Greek national team: “I don’t know where this team can go, we’re trying to get better day by day. When we win, we can relax as a culture because we think we’re better, and we get cocky, but I’ve been in that position again, in 2014 at the FIBA World Cup. We went 5-0 in the group phase and lost by 25 points in the first knockout. We have created some very good things in this team already and are still getting better and bonding like a team, but should only focus on that. Only God knows what will happen. If I knew I wouldn’t play, I’d go straight there”.

“And I really don’t want this team to lose their minds, we are not that kind of team. We are a team that when we get on the court, will give it our all. Nobody has a contract with victory. But we will give it our all. We will be humble and focused. And in the last game against Estonia, we have to be good. It doesn’t matter that we have already secured the top spot. We hope we will be well, that (ed.note: injured) Kostas will return and we will be good in the knockouts. We feel the love of our fans and we will do our best no matter the opponent”.

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