Pakistani youth with knives and axes in the centre of Athens!

Pakistani crime youth Athens

Pakistani youth posted a video of them walking around the centre of Athens with knives and axes on social media.

The Pakistanis, minors in many cases, are defiantly displaying knives and makeshift axes in a video taken from a cell phone camera.

Police sources, according to Law & Order, expressed their concern about this as it has been established that there are many Pakistanis who have organised themselves into criminal groups, who commit attacks with the intention of robbery, while smuggling cigarettes and drugs.

The video is taken from a social media post months ago, but it is indicative of the action and intentions of the people depicted in it.

Therefore, police sources point out to L&O, "there should be substantial actions by the Hellenic Police in the centre of Athens to deal with such criminal phenomena and not statements as if they were addressed to residents of another country and not to those in the centre of Athens".

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