Snik to Eleonora Meleti: “I dislike you”


Eleonora Meleti commented on Thursday’s “MEGA Good Morning” show about Snik’s move to donate money to a man, but also his statements that in order to give an interview to a channel, he should be paid handsomely.

The “trapper”, however, seeing what the presenter said, went to Instagram stories and gave his own answer.

“I just saw a publication where Mrs. Meleti says that I give money for the cameras cameras and that normally if I help someone, I shouldn’t show it on camera,” he said.

“A man asked for money and I gave money. I have given a lot of money behind the cameras that you don’t know, Ms. Eleonora Meleti, nor do I intend to tell.

“On the contrary, you haven’t given anything for so long, you only take. I wouldn’t come to you and your show even with a lot of money. Good job, I wish you a good season this year.

“I hope your numbers go up too. Okay? Get all your five minutes of publicity. Whether helping a fellow human being is on camera or not, you shouldn’t judge it.

“I want to say that I dislike you and in many other worlds! Kisses again.

“You may ask Make A Wish and other organisations what I do behind the camera and I don’t want to show it. Hate will only bring hate.

“Sit on your eggs because the world has woken up. We are not in the 90’s when everyone is watching TV.”

Watch the video:

For her part, Eleonora Meleti said just yesterday about the trapper: “I send my kisses to Snik. Since he sent one, I send him 100 times. And may the child always be well and help people, without the phone being on.”

“We don’t need to show it, we can give 50 euros even when the phone is off. And he does well and feeds the social media so that we can enjoy what he uploads and we don’t have to pay,” she added.

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