Thessaloniki: Albanian imprisoned for threatening Russian wife with knife because "she watched the neighbours having sex"

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A 38-year-old man who threatened his 28-year-old wife with a knife and tried to hit her because he thought she was peeking through the window to watch a couple having sex in the opposite apartment was found guilty by the three-member Criminal Court of Thessaloniki.

The 38-year-old was found guilty of attempted grievous bodily harm, threatening and insulting and was given a total of 21 months in prison.

The court decided that the accused should serve two months and the rest of the sentence suspend for three years, however his appeal has a suspensory effect, subject to the imposition of the restrictive condition of appearing at a police station in his area every month.

As the woman reported to the court, it all started at around 4pm on Tuesday in their Stavroupolis apartment.

Her 38-year-old husband saw her at the window and noticed that in the opposite house the neighbours were having sex with the shutters and balcony doors open.

“He saw me in the window and said I was looking at naked people having sex. Then he started cursing me, telling me to... and then he left the house. My daughter and son were in the room," testified the woman, who is originally from Russia.

She then said that as soon as her husband returned home at 10PM, he again brought up the incident that occurred that afternoon.

"I told him it's not what he thinks it is. Then he told me that an acquaintance of mine sent him a message and told him that I had arranged with another man. Then he took a knife and threatened me," the woman said.

"As soon as he got up to go to the living room to get the cell phone, I took the opportunity and went down to the entrance of the apartment building. He followed me and as soon as he got downstairs he told me to leave and kicked me in the stomach."

She then called the police.

Eleven years victim of domestic violence

The 28-year-old testified in court that she and her husband, who is originally from Albania, have been married for 12 years and he has been abusing her for the last 11 years, mainly because of his pathological jealousy.

She herself has turned to the police and even had to stay in a place for abused women. The couple have four minor children, the oldest being 9 years old and the youngest 29 months old.

"I fear for my life and the children, he threatened me with the knife. He has assaulted me in the past and I just forgave him. He told me it would change, but it didn't. He's jealous for no reason," said the 28-year-old, stressing that he's had this behavior since he was 17 years old.

As she later reported, according to Proto Thema, in September she had been forced to leave the house because he had beaten her while she was breastfeeding their baby.

“He had kicked me in the head while I was nursing the baby in bed. It used to be out of jealousy because he said he saw someone looking at me on the street," she said. "I had taken protective measures and contacted the police four times."

What did the accused say?

In his plea, the accused presented himself as a decent man who works hard from morning to night to support his family and does not cause trouble. He even said that he avoids fights and claimed that he does not beat his wife, but that he loves her more than her own parents.

Speaking about Tuesday's alleged events, he said there was a couple in the apartment across the street who "did what they did with the shutters open" and that he didn't hit his wife but just talked to her.

"He who makes love is not jealous, he could close the shutters. I wanted to talk to the neighbour, to say, 'Please, I have kids and I don't want them to see this,'" he said.

As he said, he himself is a Muslim and his wife is a Christian, but he has a problem when he sees her reading books about Jehovah and at that time not taking care of their children.

"She threatens me that she will put the children in the church and that she will leave, and say that I hit her and she will sue me. I didn't hit her. She's a good mother, but she has a schedule every summer to call the police," he said.

"I didn't touch her because I know what I will get, I am constantly with anxiety because she threatens me. I'm a gentleman," he said. "I don't have a problem with my wife. I am 38 years old, I avoid all the fuss."

"All I have asked of her is to respect me, I have never asked for anything else, not even money," he said through tears.

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