Greek wines impress during their roadshow in Australia

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Greek wines impressed during their road trip to Australia, where wines lovers had the opportunity to taste two varietals: Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou and Syrah.

A series of events with the theme “Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou and Syrah – Varietal Wines” took place at the start of June in Melbourne and Sydney, as part of the program "Promotion of Varietal Wines in Australia" which is funded by the European Union and Greece, with beneficiary the Agricultural Coop. Winery of Tyrnavos.

A roadshow full of wine tasting events, masterclasses and B2B meetings, introduced the consumers and industry professionals to the unique flavors and aromas of the Moschato Mavros Tyrnavou and Syrah wines from Greece.

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The presentation of the wines was undertaken by recognized sommeliers Angie Giannakoudakis and Tanya Hanouch, who informed the participants about the unique characteristics, the production specifications, as well as the centuries-old tradition of Greece in viticulture and winemaking.

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At the same time, renowned chefs undertook the pairing of the wines with modern and traditional culinary creations, which brought out in the best way the organoleptic characteristics of the Varietal Wines.

On behalf of the Agricultural Coop. Winery of Tyrnavos, the director of the Wine Cooperative, Mr. Sikalos Evangelos, Ms. Panagiotou Anastasia and Ms. Anna Skoulariki traveled to Australia and presented important aspects of the cultivation of Moschato Mavro Tyrnavou and Syrah varietal wines, while emphasizing the authenticity of their taste.

The roadshow was a great success and was embraced by the wine lovers of Australia, a country where the Greek element lives, creates and thrives for many decades!

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