Mykonos: Albanian criminals robbed dozens of villas and hotels - Watch video

Albanian criminals Mykonos

Two cruel Albanian thugs who were banned not only from entering and staying in Greece, but also the entire Schengen zone, were arrested by a special team of the Mykonos Police Sub-Directorate because they robbed dozens of villas and hotels on the island, obtaining hundreds of thousands of euros.

Cash, jewellery, very expensive watches including Patek Philippe, clothes from famous haute couture houses and even passports were stolen.

All the stolen items found and mentioned in the case file, as seen by Proto Thema, reached half a million euros .

The robberies

As it appears on the case file, "the criminal group, from the beginning of June 2022, committed felonies and in particular, distinguished thefts in residences and tourist accommodation in Mykonos.

The criminals of the robberies are two Albanians aged 43 and 32.

From the preliminary investigation by the Mykonos Police Sub-Directorate, in collaboration with the Security Police, the use of video footage and the surveillance of areas where the thefts took place in single-family houses and luxury tourist accommodation in ​​Mykonos, established that the criminals hit "with the method of breaking into a window and balcony door, using a sharp object (screwdriver) and from unsecured doors with the aim of stealing money, valuables and clothing from the occupants, who were absent."

Watch the video:

As stated in the case file, "The total value of the stolen money, gold jewellery and objects amount to the 410,000 euros".

Personae non gratae

"The two defendants are listed as Personae non gratae (undesirable foreigners) with a ban on entering or staying in Schengen territory".

In fact, according to the investigation by the police officers of the Mykonos Police Sub-Directorate, one Albanian was traveling with three IDs while the second criminal had two .

"The first defendant is a person who in the past had engaged police authorities for forgery and theft.

The second defendant was arrested for using a fake passport in Greece and has changed his name several times.

"Our agency's assessment is that the defendants have committed other thefts on the island of Mykonos with the same methodology in the past," the case file says.

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