RHODES: British woman allegedly gang-raped by four Belgians "of seemingly Arab origin"

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A 31-year-old British woman filed a case to Rhodes police for allegedly being gang-raping by four Belgians.

At 7 am on Monday, the 31-year-old British woman went to the police and complained that she had been the victim of a gang rape, Dimokratiki reported. The alleged perpetrators, aged 31, 31, 32 and 35, all Belgian nationals, were arrested.

According to her, the rape took place in the early hours of the same day in a hotel room located in Faliraki.

She was then examined by a psychologist and reported that at around 01:00 she went to a club in Faliraki to have fun with her friend, of the same nationality, and consumed large amounts of alcohol.

There they met with a group of 5 to 8 people and then they all left together and went to the hotel where the Belgians were staying.

She had consensual sex with one person from the group on the balcony and inside the room. However, during intercourse, her friends had left and against her will, the rest of the group, 5 to 8 people, raped her. She then left and took a taxi back to her hotel.

The English woman claimed that in the hotel, she felt attracted to a person who looked like he was of Arab origin and spoke French, with black hair and a black beard. She had sex with him on the balcony.

She felt, as she said, strange about the whole situation but willingly continued, perhaps because she had had enough to drink.

During sex, she lost sight of her friend and found herself surrounded by the man's friends, who started pulling her and telling her "come on, let's all go to the room together".

The man she had been with was not into it and told her: "I don't want to go in" and did nothing to prevent the rape and just smiled.

She was eventually led into the bedroom by about five to eight people and thrown onto the bed.

They started having sex with her without her reacting much as she was afraid that something bad would happen to her.

After a long time, she managed to get up from the bed and go to the bathroom of the room. She locked the door and the group of men were trying to enter inside without succeeding.

She also pointed out that they were using a condom. The women then left and while waiting for a taxi, she looked for her credit card which she had in her purse but instead found three or four used condoms inside.

The case is being handled by the lawyer Stelios Alexandris.

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