European Parliament rebukes Turkey; wants Varosha returned to Greek Cypriots


The European Parliament has backed the return of the occupied city of Varosha to Greek Cypriots as reiterated through its President Roberta Metsola reported the Financial Mirror.

Following her meeting in Cyprus on Friday with Speaker of the House of Representatives Annita Demetriou European Parliament President Roberta Metsola expressed the EU Parliament's clear position for the return of Varosha so its lawful Greek Cypriot inhabitants can go home.

The European Parliament “has repeatedly condemned the fact that Turkey continues to violate the UN Security Council resolutions on Famagusta” noted Metsola and reassured her support for “the prompt return of Vasosha to its lawful inhabitants”.

“The district of Varosha, the city of Famagusta, is a symbol for the Cyprus issue, but also of a European issue and that I want to emphasise because it represents the prospect of a peaceful solution.”

“We have always pushed for conflicts to end, and we want people to come around the table and push for a solution that both sides can agree on, so if that means that, besides UN representatives, there are also EU representatives, this is something that the EP will always accept.”

On the weaponisation of the migration crisis by Turkey, Metsola said: “We have seen similar intimidating tactics in other parts and in the EU we call them hybrid threats, we call them abuse of the most vulnerable people on the planet”.

She said, “our institutions and our political reality and statements and decisions have to make sure that we address them”.