Greek chef to Queen Elizabeth dishes up some royal 'secrets'

Greek chef  Nikos Koulousias not only prepared the royal wedding dinner of  Prince Harry and Meghan but was later selected by the late Queen Elizabeth to prepare the dinner for her Platinum Jubilee.

The much loved chef of the British Royal House, recounted the moment he heard of Queen Elizabeth's passing reported Ethnos newspaper.

"Initially we received the news much earlier than the announcement made by the Palace. They had said that we should have our black uniform ready," said Koulousias.

Koulousias has fond memories of Queen Elizabeth and dishes out some of her culinary 'secrets' noting that there was really no restraints on what he and his team could make with the exception of a few items.

“We were free to create anything that had to do with sweets. Rice, spaghetti and potatoes were strictly forbidden. From then on we were free to do whatever we wanted as long as it was written in French.

"Everything had to be cooked seasonally. In other words, we could not put cherries and strawberries in the winter. Whatever we cook, we had to be in direct contact with the royal farms and be informed of what they have at the moment and from there we sourced it and made it," adds Koulousias.

According to  Koulousias the late British monarch was very fond of tuna with freshly-cut cucumber in the morning. At lunchtime she preferred something very light as an intermediate, such as Scottish salmon, crayfish, asparagus. For dinner she would have two slices of crustless toast and fig jam.

"She didn't like us cooking with garlic at all!" the Greek chef finally admitted,