Greek Air Force receives the first upgraded F-16 Vipers

F16 Viper Greek Air Force

The first two upgraded F-16 Viper fighter jets will be delivered within the day to the Greek Air Force, Proto Thema reported.

The upgraded aircraft are ready to fly over the Aegean Sea and participate in interceptions of Turkish aircraft encroaching on Greek air space, a fact that has created strong concern in Ankara.

The first two F-16 Vipers will serve as pilot training aircraft, while at the same time efforts are being made at Hellenic Aerospace Industry (EAV) facilities to deliver at least six more aircraft of this type by the end of the year.

Of the technical elements of the upgraded aircrafts, the most important concerns the installation of AESA-type radars, which will transform 83 aircraft into fully interoperable with the F-35.

The upgraded fighter jets also features a more powerful processor and larger displays that allow the operator to have clarity and range of perception of what is happening in the field.

They have guided laser bombs and a new cockpit that simplifies handling.

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