Snik argued with a teenager in Thessaloniki – “Apologise”

Snik Thessaloniki

Snik again became the centre of controversy after a recorded argument with a teenager in the centre of Thessaloniki emerged.

A few days after the big fight during his live show in Katerini, he got into an argument with a teenager on the street, who said something to him that he apparently did not like.

In the video that went viral on TikTok and social media in general, the trapper and his friend can be seen having a heated conversation with the teenager, who can be heard saying “I don’t feel like a big man”, while Snik’s friend then asks him why he’s talking in such a way.

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“What for fun? You’re just kidding, you talk like that”, they can be heard saying to the teenager, who when asked to say sorry, can clearly be heard saying: “Why should I say sorry, I don’t want to say sorry”.

Apparently, Snik was accompanied by his girlfriend, Iota Ioannidou, who seems to be trying to push him away.

According to reports, fortunately the episode did not continue and quickly ended.

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