Thessaloniki: Case filed against the man who stepped on a kitten (VIDEO)

Thessaloniki cat kitten animal abuse

The security cameras from a store on Ermou Street in Thessaloniki captured the moment when a man in a coloured shirt and hat approaches a newborn cat and steps on it. In fact, he is clearly seen looking around to see if anyone saw him before leaving the scene.

The video was delivered a few days after the incident to the Thessaloniki Philanthropic Organisation "Noiazoami", which in turn submitted a relevant complaint to the police.

According to Proto Thema, investigations have already begun to identify and locate the man, while a relevant case file is being prepared by the police for animal abuse and the possible killing of an animal.

As seen in the video, the perpetrator in the red shirt attempts to kill the kitten by stomping on it when the helpless animal is between parked vehicles. However, he does not succeed and the kitten tries to save itself by going under a car.

But the man follows the kitten despite it trying to escape and catches it. He then tramples on it mercilessly.

Video of the moment a man approaches the newborn cat and stomps on it:

The representative of the animal welfare organization "Noiazoami", Evi Kalaitzidou, said the abominable incident of animal abuse occurred in the early hours of Saturday, August 20.

A few days later the video reached the hands of the organisation by a person working in the area. He discovered the horrific images captured on his store's security cameras.

"The incident took place on August 20 at 02.30. At the scene was a cat with three newborn kittens, who were playing. As soon as they saw the man, the poor things tried to run away and get under sheet metal, but the man caught the last one and stomped on it with his foot", explained Kalaitzidou.

She noted that the entire incident was caught on security cameras and as soon as people saw it they were shocked and sent it to the animal welfare organisation.

“Unfortunately, people saw the video after a few days and the newborn was not found. We demand that this man be identified and punished for his heinous act," Kalaitzidou said. "We believe and hope that the people who see the video will help with information."

Video of the kittens shortly before the horrific incident:


People working on Ermou Street realised that something was not right when one of the newborn kittens had disappeared and not been seen for days.

"It's horrible what happened. The whole neighbourhood took care of the kittens, it's unbelievable what happened," said a worker on Ermou Street.

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