ATHENS: Police save Algerian woman held hostage and raped

Algerian rape Athens

An unsuspecting 29-year-old girl from Algeria was in a bar in the centre of Athens and was having fun with a friend, but little did she know her night would end up being held hostage and raped.

She and her friend, while having fun consuming large amounts of alcohol, met two men, one Bulgarian and another from Guinea.

The two girls started hanging out with the two men and they managed to lure the 22-year-old immigrant to an apartment at 317 Patision Street. There, they attempted to rape her.

The unfortunate girl, who does not know Greek, started to call for help. Tenants of the apartment building heard her and called the police on Sunday at noon.

Police located the 22-year-old girl and freed her after many hours of being held hostage.

According to Proto Thema, after locating the apartment, the police knocked on the door and the two men, when asked if there was a girl in the apartment, denied it. However, the 22-year-old started calling for help again, and so the police arrested the two men immediately.

When removed from the apartment, she told the police of her ordeal before fainting.

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