Milliyet: "Caravan of Syrian refugees is moving towards Europe"

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With the headline: "Caravan of refugees", the Milliyet newspaper - republishing information that was broadcast by the French news agency AFP on Monday - reported that a group of Syrians living in Turkey is organising the transfer of their fellow refugees to the European Union.

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According to the report, the refugees are organised through a channel on the Telegram platform, which is followed by 70,000 people. From this channel, information is given on what the migrants should bring with them for the long journey to Europe.

They mention items such as sleeping bags, tents, life jackets, water, food cans, first aid kits, etc.

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Although it is not known when the caravan will start - and how it will aim to reach Europe - it is known that it will be divided into groups of 50 people with a leader .


The organisers, speaking anonymously to the French news agency, stressed that the ten-year stay in Turkey tired them and that their goal is to seek a better life in Europe.

The newspaper notes that the creators of the Telegram channel, and other social networks, are based in the Yenibosna area of ​​Istanbul.

Milliyet's publication, announcing a wave of refugees to Europe, creates a climate similar to that which preceded it in March 2020 and the events of Evros.

At that time, thousands of refugees and immigrants headed towards the Greek-Turkish border after Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan threatened to open his country's borders with Europe.

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