Turkey will manufacture drones in Ukraine!

turkey Erdogan signing a turkish drones

Those keeping tabs on what is happening in international relations following Russia's invasion of Ukraine will probably have great difficulty in explaining Turkey's relations towards both Russia and Ukraine.

Ankara's policy is one of those phenomena of a new era in the formation of relations between states, as the neighbouring country manages - with the tolerance of the West - to do business with both Russia and Ukraine.

On the one hand, Erdogan is the most ardent supporter of Putin. And on the other hand, it is also the country with which Ukraine maintains close economic relations, and not only.

A typical example is the planned manufacturing of Turkish drones, the well-known Bayraktar, which are active on the fronts of Ukraine.

This relationship does not stop here, as Ukrainian President Zelensky met with the head of the Baykar company and stated that the Turks have decided to construct a new factory in Ukraine for the production of drones.

Already the Bayraktar TB2 is very popular in the country and on the battlefield, causing great damage to the Russians and their tanks.

Zelensky stated that they discussed with the Turks about the production of drones in the country and indeed with a large use of materials produced in Ukraine.

To complete the cycle of the modern "madness" that is beginning to be created in the field of international relations, came Russia's protest to Turkey for the sale - and now production - of Bayraktars in Ukraine! What else will we see ...

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