Greece is a threat to Turkey: Turkish Parliament Speaker

turkish speaker 1

Speaker of the Turkish Parliament Mustafa Sentop has added to the chorus of aggressive rhetoric against Greece, referring to it as a national threat during a meeting with his Maltese counterpart on Tuesday.

"Greece's rhetoric and provocative actions that have escalated tensions in the Sea of ​​Islands and the Eastern Mediterranean have turned into a security threat for our country." said.

“It is unacceptable for Greece to want to transform the Aegean Sea into a Greek lake,” he said.

“The rhetoric and provocative actions of our neighbor Greece have now become a threat to the nation of Turkey,” he said, commenting on the latest developments in the region.

“Greece is attempting to use the Patriot and the Russian S-300 systems in obstructing us. The obstructed Turkish airplanes on a NATO mission in international airspace in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean on August 22, 24, and September 1, using the S-300 to lock on,” he said again, repeating these claims that Greece has vehemently denied.

“In this view, considering that we are neighbors and NATO members, we have shown our will and decisiveness in solving these issues through negotiations, but if that does not happen, Turkey has the power to solve its problems, provocations, with any means necessary.”