The Turks were annoyed that the Indian Ambassador visited the Port of Alexandroupolis!

Indian Ambassador Alexandroupolis

India made an important move following the visit of Ambassador Amrit Lugin to Alexandroupolis. The Indian Ambassador met with the President of the Alexandroupolis Port Authority, Konstantinos Chatzimichail, while he was accompanied by the Embassy's Charge d'Affaires S. Rajendran and the Commercial Attaché Nirmesh Kumar.

During the meeting, which took place in an excellent atmosphere, the Ambassador of India was informed by Mr. Chatzimichail about the progress of the investment plan and the progress of the development projects that are underway.

Both the Indian delegation and the duration of the discussion demonstrate that it was a meaningful visit with content and objectives.

The disturbance of the Turks

The Turks were visibly annoyed by the Indian visit to the port, located near the Greek-Turkish border, especially the media controlled by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In fact, they state:

"The Ambassador of India to Greece visited the port of Alexandroupolis with a plan for Indian investments."


The value of Alexandroupolis

As Directus pointed out, the port is ideally located at the nexus of the Mediterranean and a nascent spirit of natural gas pipelines. Alexandroupolis is gaining value for NATO as it enables the strengthening of the rapid reaction force and the presence of allied troops in the region.

In particular, the city is described as the most direct alternative southern corridor to the heavily mined Black Sea, access to which is controlled by Russia and Turkey. In this context, the possibility of exporting Ukrainian food throughout the Mediterranean and the Suez Canal is mentioned.

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