Patras: How the father trapped the man who wanted to molest his 12-year-old daughter - "I went to school with him"

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The father of the 12-year-old girl spoke about how he managed to trap the man who was sexually harassing his daughter online before he handed him over to Patras police.

"I made my child sit on a bench and he came over. I then go out and you understand what happened", he said on the "Live News" show on MEGA.

He noted that behind the sexual messages to his daughter was an old neighbour who is married and has a 6-year-old child.

"I knew him personally, my best man and we went to school together. We have 30-40 friends in common. The distance to our houses is only about 400 metres," he added.

How it happened

It all started a few days ago at the family's home. The parents realised that their 12-year-old daughter was using Instagram more than she should have.

"The child is very careful, very shy, we are a large family. She has Instagram and receives a lot of attention from us always. For two days we did not look at the tablets and realised that she sat for an hour more than we have allowed her in the evening.”

The parents read the messages and decided to respond.

“The messages he sent her and how he tried to lure the little girl you can't imagine how vile he is. ‘I'll take you for a ride on the bike’, ‘you are beautiful,’ and other obscenities", added the father,

After his arrest, he expressed remorse but his two mobile phones were seized and sent to the Cybercrime Prosecution.

"I admit my mistake, I'm stupid," were the first words of the man who harassed the 12-year-old.

It is noted that he asked for a deadline to testify to prosecutors and will testify on Thursday.

The minor's father asked for an exemplary punishment, which, he says, will be a resounding message to those who target minors.

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