The 10 Greek islands singled out by The Times for those seeking a quieter Mediterranean getaway

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The British newspaper The Times has published a list of the top 10 Greek islands for a quiet, relaxing holiday far from the throng, with Andros top of the list as most authentic, in an article on the web page.

In addition to Andros, praised for its countryside, footpaths and welcoming inhabitants, the list also includes Folegandros for its sunsets, Nisyros for its volcanic views, Syros for its cultural life and Meganisi for its peaceful, laid-back atmosphere, Alonissos for its wild life, Milos for its otherworldly landscapes, Agistri for excursions, Kythera for its idyllic environment and Patmos for its spiritual mystique and its beautiful beaches.

"We have started a constant and organised effort for openness, as Andros offers everything that both Greek and foreign travellers want in the post-Covid era, such as activities in nature, a mix of remote and organised beaches and, above all, authentic hospitality," Andros Deputy Mayor for Tourism Nikos Moustakas said.

"After a satisfactory season, tourist flows are continuing in September as well," he added.

The mayor of Patmos, Lefteris Pentes, said the combination of natural beauty and UNESCO World Heritage monuments, as well as an intense spirituality, left no visitor to the island unmoved.

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