See how the Greek Coast Guard chases Turkish boats (VIDEO)

Turkish Greek Coast Guard

A new video has emerged showing violations by Turkish vessels in Greece’s national territorial waters. The video shows what is happening on an almost daily basis at the maritime borders of Greece and Turkey, which are also the borders of the European Union.

As seen in the video, the Greek Coast Guard vessel was notified to remove a Turkish trawler. While heading to the spot, a Turkish Kaan33 boat appears, moving menacingly.

The Greek Coast Guard begins the pursuit in order to remove the heavy and as you will see, cumbersome Turkish vessel from Greece’s territorial waters.

After some time, the Turks realised that their boat cannot cope with the conditions and instead they stop and go out with weapons.

In the daily operations that are carried out and as can be seen from this video, the Turks use boats that are not famous for their flexibility. That is where the difference, as can be seen, compared to the speedboats of the Greek Coast Guard.

Watch the video provided by News Auto below and you will understand...

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