Volos: Six monks on trial for spreading fake news about coronavirus

priest monk athens

The abbot and five monks of the Holy Monastery of Pelion will sit on the bench of the Three-member Criminal Court in Volos as they face the charge of spreading fake news related to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the indictment, the abbot and monks distributed to believers a pocket diary (entitled "Think before you vaccinate"), which contained on the first pages statements from doctors abroad and advice that prevented the faithful from receiving the COVID-19 vaccination.

For the matter, which was announced at the beginning of January 2022, a preliminary investigation was requested by the Volos Prosecutor's Office and was completed

According to Magnesia News, the booklet mentioned that "the great bitterness is that the administration of the Church, archbishops - metropolitans, came to recommend from the pulpit, as a tool to brainwash the faithful, the vaccine".

Based on article 191 of the Criminal Code, as amended last November, anyone who publicly disseminates fake news, which is capable of causing confusion or fear to citizens and shakes their confidence in the public health system, is punished with imprisonment of at least 3 months to five years, in addition to a fine.

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