Network State Panarmenian Movement: “Azerbaijan’s genocidal policy is supported by Turkey”

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Statement of the Network State in connection with Azerbaijan’s attack on the Republic of Armenia (Yerevan, 14/09/2022)

Network State Panarmenian Movement strongly condemns the unprovoked attack unleashed by the Republic of Azerbaijan on the night of September 12-13. The latest Azeri attack is ongoing and is another manifestation of Azerbaijan’s genocidal and Armenophobe policies.

The latest attack is substantially different and more significant than previous provocations. It is far greater in scale and has targeted the undisputed territory of the Republic of Armenia with some strikes up to 40km inside Armenia. The attack has also indiscriminately but deliberately targeted civilian infrastructure.

The Network State has received verified information from several sources that this latest episode of Azerbaijan’s genocidal policy is supported by the high-ranking military and special services of the Republic of Turkey. Therefore, the ruling elite of the Republic of Turkey is also responsible along with Azerbaijan.

The Network State is working toward uniting the World Armenians and urges Armenians everywhere not to panic but be ready for any developments. The Network State declares that it will use all resources to punish the Republic of Azerbaijan for its Armenian-hating and genocidal policy.

The Network State demands decisive retaliatory actions from the Government of the Republic of Armenia on both the military and diplomatic fronts and affirms its readiness to support steps arising from the state interests of Armenia.

Network State calls on all World Armenians to appeal to their governments, elected representatives, and news agencies, urging them to speak out and strongly condemn Azerbaijan’s hostile attack on Armenia.

The Network State appeals to the people of the Republic of Azerbaijan, urging them to go out on the streets and throw off the yoke of dictator Ilham Aliyev’s junta.

The Network State expresses its condolences to the relatives of the soldiers who died as a result of Azerbaijan’s aggressive and unprovoked attack.

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