Marios Pontikas: The playwright has died

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Marios Pontikas was one of the most important playwrights of the country

The important playwright and prose writer Marios Pontikas died at the age of 80. One of the leaders of the post-revolutionary “realistic modern Greek theater”, with successes that left an era, Marios Pontikas wrote timeless and topical texts.

Marios Pontikas was born in Mytilini, in 1942. He graduated from the Athens School of Economics and Commercial Sciences. For a long time he was employed in advertising as a copywriter – creative contributor. He had adapted texts of Greek prose for television (Lost Spring by Str. Tsirkas, Love was late one day by L. Zografou, etc.).

His important works
His works have been presented at the Karolou Koun Art Theater (The Wedding), the National Theater (Trombone, Orthos Logos, Spectators), the STOA Theater (Spectators, Inside News, Look at them, The pit and the fava bean, The panoramic view of a night’s work , Lot’s wife – a work presented for the first time by the Theater Stage of A. Antonios under the title Esto), at the Thessalian Theater (The testament, National celebration), at the State Theater of Northern Greece (Lot’s wife, Trombone) and in other scenes, including many amateur ones.

He had published two collections of his prose (Nursing Home Runaway, Keyhole and Other Stories) several of which have been pre-published in literary magazines. In 2012, Gavrielidis published his book “Zito”, an anthology of short stories from their earlier publications, and in 2014 “Koutamares (and a wit)”.