OPINION: The US has lifted the arms embargo on Cyprus, but...

Cyprus arms embargo

HURRAH!!!! Our American friends have informed little Cyprus that they have decided to lift the arms embargo they had imposed on the small island nation.

Cyprus was invaded by NATO member Turkey in 1974 and more than a third of the island is occupied to this day by Turkey that maintains a military force of some 40,000 in the occupied territories, about 4 times the strength of the Cypriot National Guard.

Yet, Washington, in its infinite wisdom and applying those "values" we hear so much about, imposed an arms embargo on the victim of that invasion and illegal occupation.

But that's water under the bridge now, the embargo will be lifted some time next year and Cyprus will be able to purchase the means to defend itself against an ever aggressive neighbour who threatens to take what's left of the island.

Wait though, Cyprus has already done that, embargo or no US embargo, the Russians have already provided Cyprus with those means!

Something more to be grateful to the Russians for, right? Not quite, as a member of the EU, Cyprus, through its political leadership, supported all the sanctions against a country that has always stood by its side.


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