"Tinos seemed a dreamscape": New York Times journalist deified the Cycladic island

Tinos new york times

Jason Horowitz, the New York Times bureau chief in Rome and covers Italy, the Vatican, Greece and other parts of southern Europe, visited Greece with his family, specifically the island of Tinos, and extolled the beauties of the island – which blew their minds.

"Tinos, the third largest island in the Cyclades, was known in antiquity as “the island of the winds'," he wrote.


The journalist made extensive reference to the island's summer winds, the intensity of which exceeded any previous this year, according to the discussions he had with locals.

"Tinos is the third largest island in the Cyclades and has more than 60 villages, most still inhabited and folded into Aegean-facing cliff sides or valleys like spilled white paint. The water ringing its beaches is turquoise. Its blood orange sunsets are surreal. The home of a miracle-working church and countless sanctuaries, Tinos is, for Greeks, as renowned a pilgrimage destination as its heavy-breathing neighbor, the also windy Mykonos, is a mecca for hedonists," Harowitz wrote.


He also described the island as a "dreamscape."

"We went to Tinos. It blew us away", he wrote on his personal Instagram account.


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