Turks preparing new crisis with Greece and Cyprus in Eastern Mediterranean

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Turkey is preparing to spark new crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean and on the Cypriot continental shelf following indications that they will intensify its explorations writes Vassilis Nedos for Kathimerini newspaper.

According to the news report, there has been activity in the port of Tasucu in southern Turkey in recent weeks, where the research vessel Oruc Reis is based.

'According to well-informed sources, the Oruc Reis has been upgraded, with maximized capabilities, while the range of its survey cables has almost doubled from almost 2.5 kilometers to almost 4 kilometers. Two auxiliary vessels, essential for exploration, which the Turkish Petroleum Company (TPAO) has recently procured, are docked at Tasucu.

'Athens is considering a negative, albeit unlikely scenario, whereby, after the 2020 crisis, the Oruc Reis returns to the area defined as “Demre,” in the imaginary triangle created between Rhodes, Karpathos and the Kastellorizo complex, i.e. within the potential exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Greece. ' writes Nedos.

From the information available to the Greek authorities, it appears that there are indications of natural gas deposits in the area off the Gulf of Antalya where the Abdulhamid Han is operating. At the same time, the Turkish side continued its barrage of inflammatory statements on Friday, this time with regard to the historical terminology of the Asia Minor Catastrophe. At the same time, the Turkish Foreign Ministry continued inflammatory statements on Friday, claiming that Greek authorities are making “unrealistic and absurd statements regarding the term ‘Asia Minor Catastrophe.’”

“[Greece] aims to make the world forget the defeat of the Greek army during the invasion of Anatolia as a result of its adventure 100 years ago and the barbaric crimes committed against humanity,” it said.