Giorgos Mazonakis and Dionysis Schinas terminate show and divorce over a ...poster?


Greek pop stars and Giorgos Mazonakis and Dionysis Schinas announced they terminated their collaboration after Schinas claimed he was leaving due health concerns, citing a sore back and needed injections according to a news report by Proto Thema.

The following day Schinas communicated his departure by text saying he was leaving the show, which interestingly enough had already been postponed twice to date.

Other rumours swirling around suggested that the pair broke off their professional engagement over a poster that was published on Instagram, the insinuation being that there might have been an issue with billing and who is the bigger name of the two.

Finally, with social media buzzing with rumours and inuendo about the pair and the reasons for the termination of their collaboration, Schinas took to social media to clear the air:

"My dear friends, because of a variety of rumours and speculation circulating, I want to say that the reason I departed was because our sold-out premiere was canceled twice, without me being informed of the reason! I believe in mutual respect and that's how I've been operating all these years! So, I thought it appropriate to depart, protecting and defending my career and reputation."