24-hour strike will bring Athens to a standstill today: No metro, buses, electric train or trams

Athens airport metro station 24-hour strike

Athens will be without public transportation today as the workers are participating in a 24-hour strike, which was announced by the Athens Labor Centre on Tuesday.

At the same time today, the Athens Urban Rail Transport (STASY) and the Road Transports Company (OSY) appealed to the Court of Justice, requesting that the strike announced by the STASY Employees' Union be declared illegal.

The management of STASY noted that "the legal conditions for declaring a strike have not been met" and that due to the notification of the decision of the Unions yesterday at noon, the hearing did not take place and will instead take place this morning.

"We apologise in advance to the traveling public for the inconvenience and difficulties they will encounter during their journeys," STASY announced.

The decision of the Unions was announced yesterday at noon and therefore it was not possible to hear the company's appeal within the day or before the start of the mobilisation.

It is recalled that the workers decided to strike on September 21 for 24-hours, which was announced by the Athens Labor Centre (EKA) in an extraordinary meeting in view of the passing of the draft law on transportation companies in parliament.

September 21 is the day for the passage of the Ministry of Finance's bill for transportation workers who, as they say, are "affected by the bill in question".

Athens Urban Transport Organisation (OASA) will also participate in the strike, as a result of which buses and trolleybuses will not operate for 24 hours, while the metro will also not operate on all three of its lines.

The announcement of the STASY employees:

"While society experiences, every day, the consequences of the privatization of Public Power Corporation (PPC), with the dramatic increases in the price of electricity, the government promotes its plans for the privatization of the Athens Water Supply & Sewerage Company (EYDAP) and the Public Transport companies, such as OASA, STASY and OSY, not caring about the consequences of profit-seeking.

"The bill, which is in the Parliament and implements this design, in order to facilitate privatisation, also provides for a series of regulations, which lead to the dissolution of labour relations and further undermines the role of collective bargaining.

In particular, newly hired employees are excluded from the Operational Collective Labour Agreements and their dismissal is facilitated, even if they have been hired for an indefinite period. Also, for the first time, the existence of 'rented' workers is foreseen in these companies.

"All together, the employees of the capital's Urban Transport will fight, with all our strength, to prevent the passing of this extreme bill.

"We are participating in a 24-hour strike of the Athens Labor Center on Wednesday 21-9-2022, as well as the protest rally at 12:00 at the Ministry of Finance."

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