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Stanley Johnson Boris Johnson

The Museums of Mileon and Agios Georgios Nilias were visited by the Philhellenic Stanley Johnson, father of the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, who has had a summer house for many years in Horto Notiou Pelion and a personal friendship with Mayor Michalis Mitzikos.

Johnson, accompanied by his wife Jennifer, was received by the Mayor, Deputy Mayors Dianellos and Rammata and the President of the Local Community of Agios Georgios, I. Evangelino.

He was initially guided to the Nikola Museum in Agios Georgios Nileias and then to the "Kostas Liapis" Museum of Culture - Georgeiko Mansion, where the exhibitions of Richard Rafael Roland Risse and Konstantinos Komninos are hosted.

He then visited the unique Mileon Library "Psychis Akos" which was founded in 1814 by Anthimos Gazis, Grigorios Konstantas and Daniel Filippidis, three of the most important representatives of the New Greek Enlightenment.

The Library houses 3,355 old books, 116 manuscript books, most of them from the 18th century, while there are also parchments from codices from the 10th, 11th and 12th centuries, among others rare books with works of Aristophanes from the 15th century and a copy of the Encyclopedia of the French Enlightenment Diderot from the 18th century.

Also, approximately 1,000 loose documents and objects of significant historical interest that belonged to the famous Miliotian School are kept.

Johnson also visited the Folklore Museum of Mileon, which celebrates 40 years of continuous operation this year. The museum has rich material related to Pelion's cultural issues, such as traditional costumes, customs, art and professions, is exhibited there.

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Finally, they visited the Holy Church of Panmegiston Taxiarchon Milea, where the Banner of the Revolution of Pelion was raised on May 7, 1821, and they were welcomed and guided to the historic Church by Fr. Kon. Koukovini.

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