Elderly couple cut off a beachgoers view of the sea and TikTok is divided with her revenge (VIDEO)

elderly couple beach

An elderly couple put their chairs in front of Madison Gooch when she was at the beach, with her mother's "revenge" causing reactions on social media.

She may have achieved her goal, but the trick a TikToker's mother used to chase away an elderly couple did not go down well with everyone.

Madison Gooch was on a long beach with her family, when an elderly couple decided to put their chairs in front of her, cutting off the view of the sea.

The fact that there were tens of metres of free beach for them to sit on, but they chose to sit there, irritated her and that's when her mother took action...

What did she do? She broke some nuts and went discreetly and dropped them behind them, causing many birds to gather and finally forcing the elderly couple to change positions.

However, their move caused reactions in the comments section, while some others were not impressed with the couple who went and sat in front of them.

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