Greek unemployment decreased by 5.23% in August

greek unemployment greece

Registered unemployment in Greece decreased by 52,145 people (-5.23%) in August compared to the corresponding month last year, while the figure decreased by 4,432 compared to July 2022.

According to the statistics of DYPA, the total number of registered unemployed, based on the job search (job seekers), for the month of August 2022, amounted to 938,361 people.

Of these, 55.37% are long-term unemployed. Men amount to 305,938 (percentage of 32.60%) and women amount to 632,423 (percentage of 67.40%).

The total number of registered others (non-jobseekers), for the month of August 2022, amounted to 6,227 people. Men amount to 2,268 (36.42%) and women to 3,959 (63.58%).

The total number of subsidised unemployed people, for the month of August 2022, (refers to the number of beneficiaries who were paid within the corresponding month) amounts to 162,430 people. Men amount to 52,851 (percentage of 32.54%) and women to 109,579 (percentage of 67.46%).

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