Azerbaijani Ambassador takes aim at Greek citizens - Azeri troops rape and dismember female PoW's

Azerbaijani Ambassador to Greece Anar Huseynov

It is evident that the Azerbaijani Ambassador to Greece was disturbed by the pro-Armenian rally in Athens to denounce the continued aggression of Azerbaijan, which a few days ago broke the truce and attacked Armenia.

Dimitris Kairides from the New Democracy, Nadia Giannakopoulou from PASOK, and representatives from the Hellenic Solution and SYRIZA, along with a crowd of people, triggered Ambassador Anar Huseynov for their protest against his country's unprovoked aggression.

In his provocative tweet, he stated: "Again separatist rags decorate the central square of Athens. This completely contradicts the position of the Greece Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which just recently expressed with regard to application of international law in our region."

As Directus reported, "in addition to being provocative, the ambassador is a liar", as only yesterday Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias made a clear report about the bombing of Armenia by Azerbaijan at the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

It is recalled that Azerbaijani dictator Ilham Aliyev had declared to the Greek ambassador in Baku in 2020 that Turkey is right in its demands in the Aegean and that he is always on Turkey's side.

Despite this, the Greek parliament still maintains a Greek-Azeri Friendship Committee!

It comes as footage circulating online appears to show the mutilation of a female Armenian soldier by Azerbaijani troops

[Warning: This article contains graphic descriptons of violence.]

On Friday, the Armenian Ministry of Defence confirmed that the woman in question was killed during the clashes on 13–14 September along the Armenia-Azerbaijan border.

The footage, ostensibly filmed by an Azerbaijani soldier, shows a number of bodies of Armenian soldiers, including two women.

One of the women has been stripped naked with text written across her breasts and stomach. A stone has been placed in her eye socket and a severed finger in her mouth.

The man filming the scene comments in Azerbaijani: ‘look at the bitch, there are two women. She became a rock.’

The Chief of the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces spoke about the footage during a visit by foreign diplomats to the resort town of Jermuk in the southern Vayots Dzor Province on Friday.

The town was subject to Azerbaijani shelling, with Azerbaijani troops taking control of positions near the town during the fighting.

‘They committed atrocities in our combat positions against our servicemembers, including women servicemembers’, Edward Asryan told the diplomats. ‘I can’t find words to describe how they dismembered a female soldier, cut off her legs, and fingers, stripped her naked, this is the ultimate level of cruelty’, he added, promising to show the video to them.

Fighting erupted on the Armenia–Azerbaijan border at around midnight on the night of 12–13 September, as Azerbaijani forces launched strkes and ground assaults into Armenia, targeting military positions and civilian settlements across much of their shared border. Azerbaijan claimed the attacks were a response to Armenian ‘provocations’.

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