General Floros: Message to Turkey from Evros - "We have always been few, but never insignificant"

General Konstantinos Floros

The head of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (GEETHA), General Konstantinos Floros, visited Evros yesterday, thus sending a message to Turkey, which in recent days has made a barrage of provocative statements against Greece.

In particular, the Chief of the GHETHA visited Kastanies Evros, which in 2020 had become the focus of border riots after Turkey sent tens of thousands of illegal immigrants to storm the Greek border.

Addressing the officers of the Armed Forces, General Floros stated: "They tell us that we are few, lacking and insignificant. We have always been few and we have always lacked strength. But we were never insignificant. We are a military strong force in the region. Our main mission is to preserve what our ancestors, our fathers and our grandfathers left us. We are a force that guarantees peace in the region and that is why we exist."

In his message on social media, the Chief of GETHA wrote:

"On the 1st line with the border guards. Your steely gaze, high morale, professionalism and determination enliven all of Greece.

"We are ready and strong! Evros does not fall!

"God bless you!


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