LIBYA: Haftar's forces patrol coastline with Greek-made speedboats (PHOTOS)

Greek-made speedboats in Libya

Libya is once again facing the threat of a new civil war since foreign powers, prominently Turkey, have entered the game of dictating the country's internal developments.

Khalifa Haftar said a few days ago: "We are racing against time to find a way out of the crisis through reunification and reconciliation."

Turkey hides behind supporting its puppet Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh, pushing the situations to extreme polarisation, with consequences as we have seen in the death and injury of dozens of Libyans.

The goal of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's, through Dbeibeh, is to legitimise the illegal Turkish-Libyan Erdoğan-Saraj memorandum, with which the Greek Exclusive Economic Zone south of Crete is shared between the two countries.

Continuous exercises

All this leads Haftar's forces, opposed to Turkey and its puppets in Libya, to constantly conduct exercises. In fact, in a video obtained by Directus shows the General's forces, the Libyan National Army (LNA) to send a message to Turkey and patrol its water with Greek-made speedboats.

At the moment, 12 of the 29 vessels are used in coastal guarding and patrolling missions and the remaining 17 in missions by the special forces of the Libyan Navy.

The boats during their transfer to Libya were given the code names "Apollo" from 1 to 29!

The Greek-designed and built NEMESIS high-speed boats operate in Libya with General Haftar's LNA. As such, a number of Greek speedboats serve in LNA naval forces and perform special operations and unorthodox warfare duties.

Watch the video:

See the picture:

10 9

LNA exercises continue:

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13 1

12 2

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