SYRIZA: Government should take bold step of regulating energy market

Alexis Tsipras SYRIZA

The government should "take a decisive regulatory step and put an end to the recycling and subsidizing of profiteering in the energy sector," SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance MP Alexis Charitsis told "Sto Kokkino 105.5 FM" station on Wednesday.

The main opposition deputy, who speaks for the party on development issues, said that SYRIZA's proposals agreed with trends across Europe.

"In the last few days we saw the Netherlands impose a cap on electricity prices, the German government announce the nationalization of the natural gas company Uniper, and today Britain capped the prices of electricity and natural gas for specific segments of consumers."

SYRIZA's priority is to save small and medium-sized enterprises, he underlined, "not to protect the profiteering of a few business groups active in the energy field, like the government is doing."

The party, he noted, proposes a program that will support citizens' income, provide targeted relief for tax obligations that relate to the core of high living expenses, and regulate markets decisively.

"But for this radical change of policy to happen, political change is necessary," Charitsis said.

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