Why does Crete ruin Turkey's plans in the East Mediterranean?


After the outrageous and slanderous speech at the UN by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, it is clear that that the country is entering a whole new environment of confrontation with Greece.

No one can now predict the next moves of the Turkish president and whether this will lead to a "hot episode". For now, the new fact is that the Turks are escalating the provocations and the ever-increasing drone flights over Greek islands and islets.

The presence of the much-advertised Bayraktar TB2 worries many, although the Israeli Drone Dome system that Greece already has drastically reduces their capabilities, "blinding" their electronic systems.

But in the long run, Greece's main weapon against the possibility of a conflict is Crete. The island which many times in history has emerged as a stronghold of Greece is once again, it seems, to be the strategic element that scares the Turks.

Greece's announcement that Crete will house the F-35s when they arrive, as well as the new F-16 Vipers, along with the large UAVs we will be buying and producing, has greatly alarmed the Turks.

The reason is simple: The Turks have directed their attention and the general arrangement of their air defense towards the Aegean islands. The reinforcement of Crete as the main base of the Greek air force forces the Turks to change the arrangement of their air defence and to disperse it towards the South.

The existence of stealth F-35s and Vipers in Crete and their ability to operate not from the front of the islands but from the southern side, forces the Turks to redesign all their plans and redesign their air defence based on the new scenario.

Indicative of how exposed Turkey is on this side of the Mediterranean, Greek F-16s have managed to land in Cyprus without raising alarms.

Turkey's Achilles heel on this side is highlighted even more, after the decision of the Americans to stop the ban on the sale of arms to Cyprus.

So Crete, combined with the help it could receive from Cyprus, creates a completely new status in the Southeast Mediterranean, with the Turks being forced to change their plans.

In any case, the choice of Crete as a key pressure lever of Turkish aggression, combined with the upgrade of Alexandroupolis, creates enormous irritation among the Turks.

Whether this irritation will lead to a heated episode or the voice of reason will prevail remains to be seen. Until then, the logic of composure and preparedness is definitely the best method against an "ally" completely mindless.

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