THESSALONIKI: €3,000 award to whoever can identity the man who trampled a kitten to death

Thessaloniki kitten

A €3,000 reward will be given to anyone who can identify the person who trampled to death a kitten, the Philanthropic organisation of Thessaloniki "Noiazoami", which had also publicised the event, announced.

It is recalled that the stray kitten, only 1.5 months old, had met a horrible death at the foot of a man.

According to the animal welfare organisation, after chasing the kitten, he stepped on it. Even when the injured animal crawled to hide from him, he then stamped on it again to kill the kitten.

His act, which took place at the end of August, was recorded on the closed circuit video of a nearby store. The video came into the possession of the animal welfare organisation, which then proceeded to report the incident to the police.

"But since then, because we had no information about the course of the complaint, on September 12 and in an attempt to make the identity of the beast known, the video was published in all media and shocked all of Greece who watched the scenes of horror", said Evi Kalaintzidou from "Noiazoami".

Since then, however, there has been no information about the identity of the perpetrator and in a last attempt to find him, the members of the animal welfare group are offering a reward to whoever can provide information, which can even be said anonymously.

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