Turkish Media: The US surrounds us with Alexandroupolis, Crete and Cyprus

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After the islands, Alexandroupolis is now the target of Turkish media due to the strong American presence in the region, which they characterise as a "threat" against Turkey.

A large portion of the pro-government press has spread Ankara's narrative about the goals of the American bases in our Greece, with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan publicly questioning - last June - "against whom these bases were installed for".

Turkish officials, journalists, analysts, retirees, etc. coordinately continue the crescendo of provocative reports against Greece and the US, discovering "enemies" and "threats" that do not exist and creating a "pro-war" climate in Turkish public opinion.

On a CNN Turk show, the journalist Hande Firat, presenting a relevant map, commented on the American presence in Alexandroupolis, implying that it is "targeting" Turkey and not Russia.

“You see the base of Alexandroupolis, which is right in front of us. The bases have already become a topic of discussion. They wrote that in Alexandroupolis there will be a naval base where warships will be able to approach. For what reason? What is the goal and what is the purpose? And if it is said that it is for Russia, how believable is that?'

Abdulkadir Selvi, columnist of the Hurriyet newspaper, was also hosted on the panel of the same show and argued that the US seeks to encircle Turkey, through the bases in Alexandroupolis and Crete, but also to Cyprus, where the embargo on the sale of American weapons was recently lifted.

"When we refer to what is happening in Cyprus, we must see that the events start from Alexandroupolis, where a circle, a chain is created. There are naval bases, air bases, early warning systems. So there are 9 to 10 bases there. They control the Aegean and are now coming to the Mediterranean," commented Selvi.

He also argued that the lifting of the embargo on the sale of American weapons to the Republic of Cyprus is a step towards the American presence on the island.

“The arrival of the US in Cyprus and the provision of weapons systems is a step because they challenge us through Greece. Because Greece is either locking our fighters with the S-300 radars or attacking commercial ships," argued the columnist of Hurriyet defiantly.

In the same broadcast, military analyst Mete Jarar questioned why the US does not support Ukraine through Poland, but through its presence at the new Alexandroupolis military base.

"Since the ships will not pass through the Straits, what is your goal from the Alexandroupolis naval base? What will they achieve with a naval base here? I always say that when the US has specific and different goals, they always come with their bases," he said.

TGRT HABER: "The USA behind the "vagaries" of Greece"

The journalists-presenters of the TGRT Haber network share the same sentiment. Presenter Tuna Oztunc, presenting a large map of Greece with the American presence in our country, commented that the USA "encircles" Turkey.

"The US is turning the islands ceded by Greece into military bases. This means the following. Turkey geostrategically, if we can say so, is in a state of encirclement. On one side in the Aegean, on the other side partly in the Mediterranean, even in Western Thrace, at the exit gate to Europe, in all these places there is an American presence," he argued.

The presenter then pointed to the map and blamed Greece about "whims" behind which America hides.

"When you see the map, observing it from a strategic point of view, you see that your borders have been surrounded by a superpower behind the whims that Greece is doing in the last period, there is the influence of America," he said.

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