Four taverns in Sifnos you MUST visit

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Sifnos, an island of pure beauty that has its own fanatical audience. The distance from Piraeus is about 3 hours and therefore it is one of the ideal destinations, even for the weekend. So, as the "Nicolaos Tselemendes" Gastronomy Festival is approaching, Olive Magazine explored some of the island's delicious offerings. The following taverns/taverns will make your stay on the island even nicer.

Herronissos Fish Tavern

In the northern part of Sifnos, in Herronisos, the eponymous and picturesque fish tavern of Antonis Fyssa has been operating there since 1973 and is one of the oldest on the island. During the day, the trawler brings fish and seafood from the sea of Sifnos.

They are spread out on the pier and invite visitors to choose what they prefer. The shop's pan is also particularly light, as they change the oil often and do not work with fryers but pans, each of which is used for a specific food.

In addition to fresh fish and seafood, the menu includes fresh salads and vegetables, Greek cheeses and appetizers. Village salad with fresh Sifnos myzithra, fried courgettes, chickpea meatballs, spinach pie, dolmades, excellent ointments and amazing lobster pasta are just some of the delicious dishes. A small list of wines,

Herronisos Fish Tavern, Herronisos, Sifnos, tel. 22840 33119

Margarita Ouzeri and Mezedopoleio

In the square of the picturesque Artemonas, we find Margarita Ouzeri and Mezedopoleio by Kostas Chrysos, which was first opened in 1990 by his parents. Margarita's cuisine is purely Greek and is based on quality, mainly local, raw materials.

The menu includes fresh salads, well-cooked appetizers, stewed and grilled seafood, fish and meat dishes as well as daily specials. Many of the restaurant's delicious dishes, including the baked eggplant with feta cheese and tomato, the flogeres with anthotyro and suzuki, the traditional mastelo of Sifnos, as well as the exuberant shrimp pasta, but also the exquisite traditional chickpeas of Sifnos, which, preserving the custom of the island, is offered every Sunday and is baked in a special clay pot, the tsikali, in the wood oven, thus acquiring a special aroma from the combination of clay and wood while the onions add sweet notes.

Margarita Ouzeri and Mezedopoleio, Artemonas, Sifnos, tel. 22840 31058


A breath away from the Lighthouse is the picturesque beach of Fasolou. Next to it stands the eponymous tavern of Michalis Haitidis. The menu consists of well-prepared appetizers, fresh salads, juicy stews, and exquisite fried and grilled dishes.

Handmade salves, fava beans from Sifnos, chickpea and pumpkin meatballs, myzithropitakia served with honey, Cretan dakos with fresh tomato, herbs, balsamic and feta cheesevor Sifnos myzithra, black-eyed beans with spinach, olive oil and lemon, vinegared octopus, baby lamb ribs and exuberant shrimp pasta with fresh tomato sauce are some of the delicious dishes that appear on the restaurant's menu.
Bulk wine, ouza and tsipoura accompany the meal. FASOLú is a good destination for food and relaxation in Sifnos.

FASOLú, Fasolou Beach, Sifnos, tel. 694 561 1540


The last intersection of the road to Platy Gialos leads to the picturesque bay of Chrysopigi and the homonymous tavern of Giorgos Lebesis. George opened Chrysopigi in 1993 and, to this day, manages the shop and the kitchen himself.

The kitchen offers taste sensations with its quality and well-cooked delicacies. The menu includes exquisite traditional Sifnos food, stews and seasonal dishes with meat.

Mastelo (lamb with dill baked in the oven, which takes its name from the clay pot in which it is baked), lamb with thyme cooked in a clay pot, chickpea meatballs, caper salad, eggplant patties, twisted pita with sun-dried tomato, olives and feta, khanum (lamb or veal with eggplant and other vegetables and cheeses in a clay pot), cottage, grilled squid, especially juicy lemon goat kid served with fresh french fries and traditional Sifne chickpeas from the wood oven are just some of the amazing dishes on the menu. Beers, draft wine, tsipoura and ouza accompany the meal.

Chrysopigi, Chrysopigi, Sifnos, tel. 22840 71295

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