Greek Border Guards detain 1,500 illegal immigrants from Turkey in a single day


Greek Border Guards have detained nearly 1,500 illegal immigrants on the Maritsa River on the border with Turkey in a single day, reports MSN news, citing Greek Minister of Civil Protection, Takis Theodorikakos.

According to the media outlet, the news Theodorikakos, who has accused Ankara of being behind an "organized plan" for migrants to enter Greek territory.

In statements to Greek television station Skai TV, the minister accused Turkish security forces of transporting the illegals, in several instances, to the banks of the border river.

Illegal entries across the Maritsa River have increased in recent times, prompting Greek authorities to almost completely close the border in the country's northeast.

Athens has installed a 35-kilometre-long border fence and intends to more than double it to 80 kilometers. Greece thus joins Bulgaria, which has also sealed off much of its border with Turkey.

According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), more than 10,000 people have managed to enter Greece by land or sea so far this year.