Pakistani arrested for harassing female Turkish vlogger in Karachi

Turkish vlogger Pakistan Karachi

A Turkish female vlogger, Seda Nur, said in a recent video of hers that she experienced harassment in Pakistan's most populous city.

She explained in her video, and added clips from the incident where a man wearing a blue shirt was stalking her, that the man was constantly walking behind her.

Seda Nur, who was vlogging from Karachi, said that the man was following her and he even touched her when he got a chance. Seda Nur also posted the video on YouTube.

Turkish vlogger Pakistan Karachi

“So as you could see this weird man in blue who started following me and every time I was stopping, he was passing me and waiting on a spot for me to pass him again so he can follow me again,” the vlogger said.

Furthermore, she said that while she was using her phone someone also touched her back.

“I just turned around and I was ready to punch someone, but I saw a little boy. He was just around 12 years old so I thought he might have touched me by accident” she said. Adding that she didn’t react considering his age.

The little boy and the man wearing blue shirt appeared again and she yelled at them as a result of which they drifted away.

After the video of the vlogger went viral on the internet, Karachi police took action against the incident. The police searched the place and got confirmation from local shopkeepers about the incident. The harasser identified as Shoaib is now arrested by Karachi police.

In a video shared by police, Shoaib said “I did not know the lady would consider me a harasser”. Later, Shoaib apologised to the vlogger.

According to ANI, Pakistan has been regarded as the sixth most dangerous country for women to live in. The incidents of attack on women are rampant in the country.

The Human Rights Watch in its Annual World Report 2022 cited allegations of extensive rights abuses against women, along with children, in Pakistan. The South Asian country ranks 167 out of 170 countries on the Global Women, Peace and Security Index.

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