Souvlaki shop in Ireland pays €2,500 salary for a wrapper

Yeeros Dublin Souvlaki

€2,500 is offered as a salary for any Greek who wants to take on the job of a grill-wrapper in a Greek souvlaki shop in Ireland.

The ad, in addition to the salary, states that those who choose to travel to Ireland will then have a free plane ticket and free accommodation for the first 15 days.

Speaking to Alpha the operations manager of Yeeros Greek Souvlaki Bar Dublin explained that they are looking for Greeks for this position "because we are interested in him knowing this Greek product".

He argued that the €2,500 wage is good for Ireland as the minimum wage is around €1,600. After a related question, he added that a two-bedroom apartment in Dublin has a rent of €750-850.

A wrapper who made the trip to Dublin from Thessaloniki also spoke on the show and, apart from being satisfied, he stated that from the €2,500 salary "at the end of the month, we already have some left over".

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