Greeks freeze as un-seasonally low temperatures fall below zero

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Greeks and Europeans are preparing for an uncertain winter in the midst of an energy crisis as countries rush to mitigate price rises and supply shortage.

The automated meteorological stations of the National Observatory of Athens reported temperatures below 0C (32F) on Saturday morning in some areas of Greece.

The lowest temperatures were recorded in Vlasti, Kozani area (-0.6C/30.92F), the Mires Gorge in the area of Florina (-0.5C/31.1F) and Ochiro of Nevrokopi (-0.1C/31.82F).

Un-seasonally low temperatures for autumn were also recorded in the mountainous regions of Epirus in northwestern Greece on Thursday, with Vovousa in Eastern Zagori recording just 1C in the early morning.

Very low temperatures were also recorded in Plikati, Konitsa (3C) and in Metsovo and Terovo (4C) and the surrounding villages.