Yannis Zouganelis on Trap Music: "It's fascist, I loathe trappers"

Yannis Zouganelis

Yannis Zouganelis gave an interview on the show "Smile Again", in which he made it clear that he would not collaborate with Petros Filippidis and Dimitris Lignadis again, while he also mentioned trappers.

"I would not work with Filippidis and Lignadis, I am against any form of violence. The theatre incidents that were heard are a minority compared to those that happen in offices and banks. In the #MeToo movement, violence doesn't sell, but who does it and under what circumstances," he said first before talking about trap music:

"I can't participate in a concert that I know in advance will have someone who talks about guns and fake people. It's fascist, I don't understand them, I loathe them," he said.

"If they told me to come to MAD - which they would never tell me - to get first prize and I knew it was there, I wouldn't go. I can't stand all of them, they are vain. And I have a vertical break with my colleagues, all those who play the good guys, who co-exist on stage, this is ignorance".

Zouganelis is only one of many voices to speak out against the subgenre of rap music, originating in the Southern United States during the late 1980s. The genre gets its name from the Atlanta slang word "trap", a house used exclusively to sell drugs.

It is recalled that earlier this month, Kaiti Garbi expressed her opinion on trap music when speaking to "Our Breakfast" show.

She herself had the best things to say about the production and music of the trap singers, but she was unimpressed when it came to the lyrics.

As she said, she doesn't want to listen to their songs because the lyrics are vulgar.

Garbi said in more detail: "These children are making a sensational production. Their music is mind-blowing until the lyrics come in."

"That's where everything goes wrong. I don't want to hear them either. Their lyrics are very provocative and vulgar, but also strange... My son at his age does not want to listen to these songs."

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